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Moroccan-style Goldilock Kaftans

Why Goldilock? To see the origin of this name, please click here. Embroidered with golden threads and laces around the neckline, waist line and sleeves, these chiffon kaftans are designed in what said to be ‘Moroccan-style’. Whether it is true or not, or if it is only named so for marketing purpose, I am not […]

Double Haicon Goldilock Kaftans

Why Goldilock? To see the origin of this name, please click here. As smooth as but thicker than chiffon, this kaftan model, made of double haicon, is decorated with golden thread and laces around the neckline, shoulders, waist line and sleeves. Similar to the “Mote” Tunic Kaftan, this model is also suitable for both semi-formal […]

Goldilock Chiffon Kaftans

I am very much aware that “Goldilock” has no relation at all with clothing, clothing materials or accessories. Nor does the story “Goldilock and the Three Bears” have anything to do with gold or golden colours. Is the name “Goldilock” given to the little girl because her hair is golden blonde? No one knows. Yet, […]

Laces-decorated Chiffon Kaftans

Fully stocked, only recently launched, this kaftan struck me for its resemblance with what the Indonesian people know as “Kaftan Ashanty”. Introduced by the Indonesian singer Ashanty, many local tailors have now reproduced similar versions. Made of lightweight, plain-woven, sheer chiffon, this kaftan can be practical for attendance to semi-formal or formal occasions, whether planned […]

“Mote” Tunic Kaftans

Not knowing the English term for what in my country called mote, I was simply attracted to the design of this kaftan. Decorated with colourful flat, thin, plastic, crystal-like beads – mote as commonly known by the Indonesian tailors, this tunic kaftan conveys the message of glamour overlaying simplicity. Ideally worn in semi-formal occasions such […]

Satin Dove Japanese Kaftans

You may wonder why I named these kaftans “Japanese Kaftans”. Well, to start with, these kaftans do not come from Japan, nor do they incorporate Japanese style or design. So, what is so Japanese about it? Notice the sequins hand-sewn on the beautiful embroidery decorating the kaftans, they are what the Indonesian tailors refer to […]