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The Voice Season 3: The Finale Foretold

The best thing about The Voice is you wouldn’t suspect who’s gonna excel merely from the Blind Auditions. So though yes I had my favourite three for the preliminary teaming up — Avery Wilson, Adriana Louise, and Cassadee Pope, I’ve come to a different conclusion on who’s gonna stand in the finale from each team. […]

Homeland: The Most Addictive TV Show of All Time

Will there be a Brody-Carrie encounter in today’s episode? That’s one question that keeps me excited, looking forward to each episode of Homeland. It’s practically a simple question that makes a week worth of waiting feels longer than it should have. It’s a single question that tickles my fingers to Google the topic every now […]

My Favourites from The Voice 3 Blind Auditions

The Voice 3 Blind Auditions have come to a conclusion. Looking at the teams, I’d rank them as follows: 1. Team Xtina, 2. Team Blake, 3/4. Team Adam/CeeLoo — I couldn’t decide whose’s at which. Most likely C-Lo’s first before Adam’s because none of my favourites are in the one-time champion team. But, oh well… […]

Q’Viva: Celebrating Life

My guess, Q’Viva is one of the best talent shows I’ve ever watched. Frankly, I don’t understand why the word actually means ‘the chosen’, while all I could think of, watching its five weeks search round, is ‘celebrating life’. Since my day 1 seeing J-Lo on American Idol, and following her idol judging journey for […]

Unconvincingly Bizarre Series

So far, up to the seventh episode of Season 3, “The Listener” has shown a tendency to become more and more boring. Toby becomes more and more stiff as a detective consultant, and the storyline is in general less interesting than the previous two seasons. Except for a few episodes (namely 01 and 05), watching […]

Unlike, or just like, any others?

Why does Tom Cruise act in the “Mission Impossible”? Or, why has  “K-Stew” become such a popular actress? How could Jennifer Garner make it to “Alias”? Or, why Lea Michelle is Rachel Berry in “Glee”? There is no doubt that some, or even all, of them might have genuine talents, making them deserving of the […]

Atypical Characters

Patrick Jane may indeed be the main attraction to TV series “The Mentalist”. However, what can he do without the help and painstaking cooperation from his team? “The Mentalist” was fun to watch not only because its unusually, cunning but extremely smart main character, Patrick Jane. It is also because almost all characters regularly appearing […]

The Kinky Jane

One day, I happened to relax on my couch at home, after a tiring day at work. As usually, I browsed through the channels, looking for something interesting I could engage my mind with. Being me, criminal investigation stories have rarely failed to entertain – well, except for CSI, which has been repeated over and over […]