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Media… o media…

Goose buumppsss!!! Media.. o media… how can you tell which one is true or false these days? You can’t use your intelligence anymore because how would you know what you just watched or read, which seemed factual, wasn’t in fact a really smart, public lie created to serve some hidden agenda you know not of? I’ve […]

The Cry-Out… Loud

I’m having goose bumps. Again! It’s becoming more frequent nowadays, especially with all the confusions (Arabic: fitnah) spreading out of control. Smartphone technologies and social media may have been another milestone in the world’s growth to advancement, but they have also become underlying sources and means of horrendous atrocity. With all sorts of information we can google on […]

By Your Grace, I Bow and Surrender

O Allah, There’s no god but You, The Most Exalted, Most Great By Your Graceful Names, I submit to You in deep prostration, surrendering to You, in contemplation of Your Majestic Power   By Your Dignified Names, I surrender to You and Your Decrees, submitting in humility, in realisation of my utmost nothingness O Allah, […]

Why should I lament over the rain?

Why should I lament over the rain, when it’s but a downpour of bliss from beyond creations? Why should I lament over the rain, when it only revives a dying earth from its rusty stagnation? And why should I lament over the rain, when it simply makes me rhyme in a state of contemplation? ~From […]

Gifts from the Dead: Subtle Presence & A New Life

Two days after the demise of my mum-in-law, we took a nice and relaxing morning walk to the cemetery. Our entourage consisted of my husband’s three elderly aunts who were all bubbly throughout, an uncle, my husband and I, his sister and cousin, and his sister’s friend. Stopping in front of people’s houses, we picked […]

An Honourable Passing: The Most Beautiful Death of Our Beloved Mother

The day before I wished I were on Arafah desert with the pilgrims, asking God’s forgiveness for all my past wrongdoings and praying for the best of future for my family. I didn’t know if my family and I would face a series of sacred events following this humble aspiration of mine. I went home that […]

Good morning, Sunshine!

There’s nothing like waking up fresh in the company of a loving family. But today is beyond just any normal blissful day as the only spider lily plant in my unlikely garden, so to speak, is blooming, presenting its blossoms of four beautiful, white crowns with petals draping off its sides and tall filaments spouting […]

Selflessness: A Son, A Husband & A Father who Takes Care Everyone

“I don’t think I could do all those.” That’s just one simple reason why I admire my husband so much. “If things were reversed, I wouldn’t be as patient, sincere, content, yet spirited as he is,” … another solid argument my mind formulates whenever our state of being, as a family, is questioned by the […]

Advanced Modernity vs. Degrading Hospitality – The Irony of Present Days Outpatient Services

Having on and off sore eyes for the past three days, my husband and I went out looking to get them checked by a doctor. I initially intended to just go to any 24-hour clinics or community clinics nearby, hoping to find an eye specialist in one of them. But apparently, ophthalmologists are not common […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

Theme Trouble: Impulsive Attempt Turned Disaster

Before I go about writing this post, I’d have to let you know that in no way I had intended to discredit WordPress through this post. On the contrary, I love WP! It’s been a constant medium on which I practice writing and connect to the outside world. The encounter I convey here is therefore […]

Seasonal speedy riders emerge in Jakarta

Speedy riders, the phrase reminds me of my day-to-day, two-hour, street adventure — commuting to and fro work on my paid-off two-wheelers. Though I consider myself not so much in favour of extreme adrenaline rush, going only up to a maximum of 40 to 60 km/h, the presence of fleeting motorcyclists swaying quickly between roaming vehicles […]

My Writer & Editor Teachers

A teacher affects eternity: he can never tell where his influence stops. -Henry Adams- People who played part shaping my confidence were writing and editorial mentors who did their work by heart, and not so much by theory. Yes! They were my senior and managing editors, and professional writers, whom once upon a time I […]

The Imperfect Perfection

Perfection is when we accept and make peace with our imperfections. I grew up with extreme lack of confidence. Living in the shadow of a ‘perfect’ mum has made me constantly doubt myself, feeling unworthy and incapable of many things especially in relation to household and motherhood. Seeing her as someone who can do almost […]

Apologies for My Newly Discovered Likeness

My recent interest in kaftans and clothing of the like, as well as accessories and products I’d purchase and wear, has given me a constant urge to write more sharing about those things I’d like to have for myself. For your information, I do not share all this  product info mainly for its potential business profits […]