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My Cyprus Trip Pentalogy, Part 2: Lefke

All photos were taken by my dear friend, Jumilia Mohamed. At Lefke, Cyprus, we stayed at a ladies dergah — a free setup guest house established specifically for women followers of Naqshbandi to spend nights during their visitation to Mawlana Shaykh Nazim, the spiritual master of the sufi path. Ismail, of course, went straight to the […]

My Cyprus Trip Pentalogy, Part 1: Short transits in Istanbul

The first two galleries were taken by my dear friend, Jumilia Mohamed. My trip to Cyprus took place for two weeks in November to December 2007. Though it has been a long time since those memorable days occurred, I could still recall them to this very day. Those were the days… when friends wouldn’t think […]

OTW to Kadudampit, Sukabumi

I took a few days leave to go to Sukabumi for a spiritual retreat last week, attending a mawlid celebration led by one of my spiritual teachers, Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani — who is a renown Islamic scholar and Sufi master from the U.S. My husband and my son, two of my son’s mbah (read: old grandma), my […]