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Maleficent: The Hero and The Villain are One and The Same

Here’s the long-awaited episode of Hollywood’s leading ladies made evil. “Maleficent”—an interestingly twisted story of Maleficent, the evil witch without whom the tale Sleeping Beauty simply would never be heard of. Surely you’d known the story… Sleeping Beauty, in which Princess Aurora was cursed by an evil witch (no one hardly knows her name) with a […]

Chef… It’s not all about food

If you’re looking for something fresh, not at all heavy entertainment, you should watch the movie “Chef”. I’d guarantee you won’t feel the whole 1.5-2 hours gone by. It’s just so light that you’d just have to sit back and relax, enjoy the plot without much thinking. It’s a very easy movie to watch but definitely […]

Taken 3??? Just don’t…

Watching Taken 2 last night, I was quite disappointed with how under developed the story was. In fact, the overall plot was pretty much like its predecessor, except for 2 to 3 minutes scenes inserted here and there. One or two people were taken (just like the title “Taken” says), and the whole scenario revolved […]

The Odd, the Secret, and the Sweet

If not for Jennifer Garner, I’d still watch “The Odd Life of Timothy Green”. Simply because I don’t think the movie could ever be produced if Jen wasn’t playing Cindy. Watching the trailer briefly but repeatedly on E!, I knew I’d want to watch the movie. I couldn’t quite remember the title though. I remembered […]

What’s on Nim’s Island? Between adventure and acute paranoia

Galileo, a smart pelican which actually proved the validity of a law of Physics, that all objects, regardless of their masses, free fall in the same speed. A volcano, a sea lion that plays football, a fierce-looking but friendly lizard, a comfortable wooden cabin furnished with solar-powered gadgets, the Internet and satellite phone — no […]

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

Staring at the white page, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, searching for ideas to start my review on “Snow White and the Huntsman”. Surprisingly, out of the whole epic scenes, what came to mind is K-Stew’s pale, unexpressive face, supposedly conveying Snow White’s incomparable beauty and genuine purity. Please don’t get […]

The Amazing Spider-Man, with a Cell… and a Backpack!

What I like about the new release of Spiderman movie, unlike its previous three predecessors, is the fact that despite all fictions, the Spiderman itself is a lot more authentic this time. You may laugh out loud when he, in his tight suit, talked on his cell phone on top of a skyscrapers, answering to […]

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen – A Message of Peace

My weekend movie marathon came to a satisfying climax. As amazing as “The Amazing Spiderman”, or as sophisticated as “The Ides of March”, I couldn’t resist putting the uniquely crafted “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen” on top of the review list I’m planning to do this week. Its catchy title has certainly enticed me with […]

Miracle Comes in Triple ‘L’

“The avocado, this little guy, and pretty much everything else in town, has to take four separate plane rides to arrive up here, in Chili, Barrow, Alaska.”  That’s the first catchy line I remembered from the trailer of “Big Miracle”. A fan of drama, I am easily touched by portrayal of kindness and compassion towards other God’s creatures. […]

The “It” Factor Behind Contraband

“Contraband”, I found the word unfamiliar, probably because it wasn’t among the subjects I am particularly interested about. Yet, I picked up the movie anyway. Do you know why? Despite my ignorance of the movie, never once seen its trailer on any of the cable channels I watched in my leisure, noticing Mark Wahlberg on […]