Satin Dove Japanese Kaftans

Satin Dove Japanese Kaftans

You may wonder why I named these kaftans “Japanese Kaftans”. Well, to start with, these kaftans do not come from Japan, nor do they incorporate Japanese style or design. So, what is so Japanese about it?

Notice the sequins hand-sewn on the beautiful embroidery decorating the kaftans, they are what the Indonesian tailors refer to as “payet Jepang” or “Japanese sequins”. Unlike the more common Taiwanese sequins, Japanese sequins are more lustrous under the light, have longer-lasting colours (especially after repeated washings and ironings), and have even cutting. With superior qualities the latter has over Taiwanese sequins, Japanese sequins become more desirable and expensive.

In addition to its beautiful embroidery and sequin decorations, this kaftan model is made of satin dove weaving which is, unlike normal satin, less glossy. Tightly weaved between threads, satin dove surface is not translucent – you may not necessarily put on a significantly decent undergarment before wearing the kaftan.

Satin Dove Japanese Kaftans – colour options

For inquiry or purchase, please e-mail me.

Detailed Info

Code        :     KM006
Price*     :     IDR 400,000 / ± SGD 55
Size          :     All size
Colour    :    Light Brown / White / Light Green / Yellowish Green / Yellow / Red

Payment Options

*Price excludes delivery charge.

Special Notes

Satin Dove Japanese Kaftans – more colour options

Additional charge will be applicable for special adjustment to the length.

For bulk purchase, e.g. for retailers, order shall be made at least one month in advance. Retailer’s price is negotiable.


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