Laces-decorated Chiffon Kaftans

Ashanty, an Indonesian singer, in a kaftan dress

Fully stocked, only recently launched, this kaftan struck me for its resemblance with what the Indonesian people know as “Kaftan Ashanty”. Introduced by the Indonesian singer Ashanty, many local tailors have now reproduced similar versions.

Made of lightweight, plain-woven, sheer chiffon, this kaftan can be practical for attendance to semi-formal or formal occasions, whether planned or impromptu. I personally imagine that I’d simply put this kaftan in my handbag for an after-work occasion such as a date with my husband, birthday party, or religious gathering. As I normally wear a long-sleeved dress daily, it shouldn’t be difficult to top it with a beautifully designed chiffon kaftan to change the ‘mood’ altogether.

For inquiry/purchase, please e-mail me.

Detailed Info

Code         :     KR001
Price*      :     IDR 250,000 / ± SGD 35
Size           :     All size (fit up to 130 cm body circumference)
Length     :     133 cm
Colour     :     Black / Purple / Dark Green / Light Green / Red / Brownish Yellow (Baige) / Yellow / White (See images)

Payment Options

*Price excludes delivery charge.

Special Notes

Additional charge will be applicable for special adjustment to the length.

For bulk purchase, e.g. for retailers, order shall be made at least one month in advance. Retailer’s price is negotiable.


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