“Mote” Tunic Kaftans

Not knowing the English term for what in my country called mote, I was simply attracted to the design of this kaftan. Decorated with colourful flat, thin, plastic, crystal-like beads – mote as commonly known by the Indonesian tailors, this tunic kaftan conveys the message of glamour overlaying simplicity. Ideally worn in semi-formal occasions such as a date, friendly meet-up, etc., this garment, with simple tweaks, can transform into a formal, party or festivity clothing. Especially with suitable pants or leggings, matching belt, and scarf, you’ll be good to go for any events without the need of much preparation but grabbing what’s around you.

For inquiry or purchase, please e-mail me.

“Mote” Tunic Kaftan (with internal furing to counter the translucent effect)

Detailed Info

Code        :     KR002
Price*     :     IDR 260,000 / ± SGD 36.50
Size          :     All size (fit up to 110 cm body circumference)
Length    :     Thigh length
Colour    :     Purple / Light Purple / Dark Teal / Light Orange / Red (see images)

Payment Options

*Price excludes delivery charge.

Special Notes

Additional charge will be applicable for special adjustment to the length.

For bulk purchase, e.g. for retailers, order shall be made at least one month in advance. Retailer’s price is negotiable.



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