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Propolis: A Natural Cure for Many Diseases

We’ve probably only started hearing of propolis as an alternative medicine within the last couple of decades, when our fathers, mothers, uncles and aunts began to talk about it and consume its variant products. In fact, many products today are derived of this substance, or at least have a little percentage of propolis in them. I […]

Instant Jamu—Traditional Indonesian Herb Concoction

Unit price: IDR 25,000 / SGD 2,70 / USD 2,20 Concoction options: Speargrass roots (Bahasa: akar ilalang) Good for kidney inflammation, breathlessness, bladder infection, gallstones, blood vomitting, cough, fever, hepatitis and diuretik Betel palm (Bahasa: sirih pinang) Good for reducing excessive wetness in women & minimising unpleasant smell in private organs White turmeric (Bahasa: kunir putih) Good for cancer/tumour […]

Treatment Recipes Using Annabawy Honey

Cough 5 spoonful of Annabawy honey + juice of 1 lemon; 1 spoonful 3 times a day Flu Lemon juice + 2 spoonful of Annabawy honey + 1 glass of warm milk; 2-3 times a day & plenty of rest Blocked nose Lemon juice + 2 spoonful of Annabawy honey + warm water Ulcer Apply Annabawy […]

Annabawy Golden Forest Honey

Nutritionists have said that honey is the best drink in the world. Medical experts have agreed that as long as healthy foods have been consumed during treatment, there is no longer any need to consume drugs. As long as natural medicines can be used, there is no need for chemical or synthetic drugs. (Ibn Qayyim […]

Breaking the Myths: Characteristics of Pure Honey

There are plenty of myths people believe to define the differences between pure honey and those impure or fake ones. The fact is, most of these theories are not actually accurate simply because characteristics of pure honey are unique depending on the species of bees producing it, water content in each type of honey, nectar […]

Fresh and Cooling Cucumbers

Drinking fresh cucumber juice is an ideal way to properly hydrate the body since it contains beneficial electrolytes that have the ability to bring nutrients and hydration deep into the cells and tissues, making it far more effective than water alone. Cucumbers are a highly alkalinizing and hydrating food that are rich in nutrients such as […]

Liquid Gold

Then eat of all the fruits and walk in the ways of your Lord submissively. There comes forth from within it a beverage of many colors, in which there is healing for men; most surely there is a sign in this for a people who reflect. (Al-Qur’an 16:69) Raw honey is often referred to as […]

Syamil Dates Honey for Family

Improve stamina and immunity, facilitate treatment of various diseases, stabilise cholesterol level and blood pressure, etc. Price         : IDR 25,000 Content   :  200 ml Composition: Honey, dates extract, olive oil, habbatussauda/blackseed/nigella sativa, propolis, turmeric/curcuma, calcium, vitamin C & E (also contain Omega 3, 6 & 9) Inquiry Order & Purchase Benefits Insya Allah, God willing, […]

As-Syifa Gurah Capsules

For treatment of various respiratory diseases, clearing the voice, etc. Price       : IDR 25,000 Content :  30 capsules Composition: Clerodendrum serratum/srigunggu extract, Andrographis paniculata/sambiloto, ginger and other herbs Inquiry Order & Purchase What is gurah? Click here to read the relevant article. Benefits of these capsules Insya Allah, God willing, the medicine shall help in: […]

Al Afiat Gurah Syrup for Children and Adults

Treatment of various respiratory diseases, clearing the voice, etc. Price         :  IDR 40,000 Content   :  125 ml Composition  :  Honey, clerodendrum serratum/srigunggu extract, habbatussauda/blackseed/nigella sativa, propolis, royal jelly, ginger, cinnamon, temulawak/curcuma zanthorriza and kencur/kaempferia galanga. Inquiry Order & Purchase What is Gurah? Click here to read the relevant article. Benefits of this gurah syrup Insya […]

Seemingly Insignificant, The Bagflower Shrub Comes to a Respiratory Rescue [Healing with Gurah]

Clerodendrum serratum, a species of Bagflower, or also known as glorybower, commonly found in Southeast Asia especially Indonesian regions, went unnoticed until the scientific world began to put more emphasis on alternative healing to substitute the high-cost modern medicines and practices. Locally known as srigunggu, the plant’s medicinal history goes back to the early 1900, […]

Our Latest Health Products

This list is latest updated on 10 January, 2013. For inquiries or purchase, please call Agung at (+62) 0878 8756 9797, or e-mail me. GURAH 1 Gurah Syrup for Children & Adults 125 ml IDR 40,000 To clean breathing passage by dissolving and excreting mucus and other crust and fungi deposits from the airway, which […]

Once again a “Real” Man simply by drinking coffee

My husband’s friend is a grandfather with quite a number of grandchildren. In his 60s, he had found himself incapable of having sexual intercourse with his wife. The past four years have been miserable for both his wife and him. He went to get treatments — medical and traditional — here and there. None produced […]

EQUS Coffee

Improve intimacy in marriage, spice up relationship, cure impotency and early ejaculation in men, increase stamina and concentration, prevent prostate cancer, clean blood vessels, increase body heat, and many more, IDR 45,000 / box of 3 sachets   More details: Ingredients, Benefits & Usage Suggestions Order & Purchase Brochure

Kurma Ajwa Habbatussauda 210 Caps

Increase body immunity, promote stamina and endurance, improve memory, concentration & alertness, neutralise body toxins, anti tumor, promote lactation, and many more IDR 35,000 / bottle of 210 capsules More details: Ingredients & Benefits Order & Purchase Brochure