Double Haicon Goldilock Kaftans

Why Goldilock? To see the origin of this name, please click here.

As smooth as but thicker than chiffon, this kaftan model, made of double haicon, is decorated with golden thread and laces around the neckline, shoulders, waist line and sleeves. Similar to the “Mote” Tunic Kaftan, this model is also suitable for both semi-formal and formal occasions, depending on the creative tweaks of the wearers. Unlike the former, however, this double haicon kaftan is not layered with an internal furing (undergarment); therefore, you may want to wear something decent inside before putting it on.

For inquiry or purchase, please e-mail me.

Double Haicon Goldilock Kaftans

Detailed Info

Code               :     KR004
Price*             :     IDR 250,000 / ± SGD 35
Size                  :     All size (fit up to 130 cm body circumference)
Length            :     130 cm
Colour             :     Blue / Teal / Maroon / Pink / White

Payment Options

*Price excludes delivery charge.

Special Notes

Additional charge will be applicable for special adjustment to the length.

For bulk purchase, e.g. for retailers, order shall be made at least one month in advance. Retailer’s price is negotiable.


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