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Welcoming the Mawlid Month: Life to My Baby

The first evening of Rabi’ul awwal, or the month in which Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, was delivered to this Earth, was extremely different from other nights. It was rainy throughout yet I felt heat coming from within my body. That night I had to take my inhaler a few times, while on other […]

8th week: Uninspired

I must admit, I’ve been uninspired to write these days. Feeling constantly tired and sleepy is a major contributor to my posting break. Sometimes I’d just sleep on my desk or in the prayer room up to an hour, just to get rid of my tiredness. My baby’s cells are developing into layers and forming […]

Hot & Sour: A No No

I went to Bidan Iie (read: Beedone Ee ee’), a most friendly midwife in my community, last Friday to get my pregnancy checked up. Upon consultation about my stomach cramps, she advised me to strictly avoid foods that promote excessive build-up of acids in my tummy. Apparently, as I’m currently hosting two gastric — one […]

First Trimester: Tummy Cramp

My morning sickness continues. It’s entered its fifth day. But strangely, it doesn’t occur in the morning. Why do they call it such? Anyway, I haven’t gone to my community midwife to check up on my pregnancy, planning to do so this weekend. The 99.9% accuracy of the test kit is enough to convince me, […]