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IN-Sufficiency of 400

“400 a month? How could it be sufficient?!” I still remember the exact line my mum and her aristocratic elder sister ignorantly exclaimed when my family and I visited them at the latter’s less likely luxurious, three-floored, cornered terrace. Being me, despite realising my need to restraint from explaining things unnecessarily to irrelevant people, I […]

Why should I lament over the rain?

Why should I lament over the rain, when it’s but a downpour of bliss from beyond creations? Why should I lament over the rain, when it only revives a dying earth from its rusty stagnation? And why should I lament over the rain, when it simply makes me rhyme in a state of contemplation? ~From […]

Gifts from the Dead: Subtle Presence & A New Life

Two days after the demise of my mum-in-law, we took a nice and relaxing morning walk to the cemetery. Our entourage consisted of my husband’s three elderly aunts who were all bubbly throughout, an uncle, my husband and I, his sister and cousin, and his sister’s friend. Stopping in front of people’s houses, we picked […]

Good morning, Sunshine!

There’s nothing like waking up fresh in the company of a loving family. But today is beyond just any normal blissful day as the only spider lily plant in my unlikely garden, so to speak, is blooming, presenting its blossoms of four beautiful, white crowns with petals draping off its sides and tall filaments spouting […]

Selflessness: A Son, A Husband & A Father who Takes Care Everyone

“I don’t think I could do all those.” That’s just one simple reason why I admire my husband so much. “If things were reversed, I wouldn’t be as patient, sincere, content, yet spirited as he is,” … another solid argument my mind formulates whenever our state of being, as a family, is questioned by the […]

Surrendering @ the Barber’s Hands

A simple example on surrendering to life…

On My 31st: A Reflection

It’s been 31 years I’ve seen the world—from not understanding a single thing to, still, not comprehending many things. Many times I’ve put myself as an outsider, who sees the world as a multi-sided diamond. From where I stand, I can only see the beauty of its reflection from several sides—even that, the person next […]