Unconvincingly Bizarre Series

Serious Toby (Courtesy of: seandbescene.com)

So far, up to the seventh episode of Season 3, “The Listener” has shown a tendency to become more and more boring. Toby becomes more and more stiff as a detective consultant, and the storyline is in general less interesting than the previous two seasons. Except for a few episodes (namely 01 and 05), watching the TV series doesn’t give as much excitement to me as before!

As I wrote in my earlier review on the topic,  it’s now proven that the TV show has no longer showcased much paramedic activities. Day-to-day patrol, answering emergency calls and lending medical assistants here and there, is no longer part of the used-to-be more lively Toby. Despite occasional highlight of his visits to the EMS headquarter and the hospital, audience is now presented with merely the ‘serious-looking’ Toby who asks straightforward questions in order to capture what is in the mind of a suspect or witness.

Even worse, Os has now seemed to ‘grow up’, becoming more mature by taking on a lot more serious responsibility as supervisor and committed relationship with Sarah. Though now and then, we can still smirk with Os’ impromptu innocence and cunningness, the ‘supposedly’ funny dude has become a second-grade entertainer after his brilliance in the first and second seasons.

I miss the ‘dynamic duo’ (Toby and Os) in action, on and off the streets of Canada. I miss their demonstration of paramedic skills when helping people, and their leisure times together.

Serious-looking Toby and his detective partner, Michelle (Courtesy of: aritcle.wn.com)

Toby has now seemed to become lonely, spending his nights often alone, resting on his couch pondering on his recent encounters. With his recent discovery of a new ‘seemed-to-be’ super ability – reading aura or body energy,  we could only wonder how bizarre this crime series would be!



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