My Favourites from The Voice 3 Blind Auditions

The Voice 3 Blind Auditions have come to a conclusion. Looking at the teams, I’d rank them as follows: 1. Team Xtina, 2. Team Blake, 3/4. Team Adam/CeeLoo — I couldn’t decide whose’s at which. Most likely C-Lo’s first before Adam’s because none of my favourites are in the one-time champion team. But, oh well… I wouldn’t be any good to judge any singing competitions. Besides, the judges are empowered with STEAL capability during the Battle Round. So, anything could happen.

Anyway, here’s a look on my three Blind Audition favourites…

1. Adriana Louise

Singing Jessie J’s Domino, Adriana delivered outstanding performance that made you wanna move your feet in excitement. Her beautiful, strong and sexy voice wasn’t affected by her sassy move, swaying and jumping around, across the stage. With a powerful voice, good control, and extreme confidence, she is a definite matchmake in heaven for Team Xtina.

2. Avery Wilson

Maybe it’s just me who favour more towards disco songs — those that can excite me to move my feet around, or even whirl with the song. Avery’s performance had certainly served to my preference. Singing David Guetta’s (ft. Usher) Without You, he commanded the stage with his innate ability to move the crowd. His dancing skill also hadn’t go to waste; it managed to make Christina smile.

I had expected that he would choose Team Adam or Xtina, but anyway, CeeLo gave a heartfelt and most sincere argument that anyone, including Avery’s father, had more inclined with. Way you go with Team CeeLo, Avery!

3. Cassadee Pope

I had liked Cassadee probably because she’d sang Natalie Imbruglia’s Torn. I’m familiar with the song. Moreover, she’s pretty! Hehehe… Anyway, her control and add-lib were nicely showcased, subtly incorporated throughout the song. But, that should be the case cause she’s an experienced on-stage singer, having toured around the world with her band ‘Hey Monday’ for about 2.5 years.

Initially, I thought — and I’d bet others would have similar thinking — that she’d go for Team Adam. They both have tattoos on their arms. *Grins* But well, she had made up her mind on what she actually wanted. Perhaps if Adam hadn’t said that he knew what he could exactly do with her, she would go for him. Anyway, Blake had seemed to be the least controlling coach and would give her the freedom to do her own thing. So, picking Blake’s team, good for her!

Nevertheless, I foresee her ending up like Mathai, close but not in the final. We’ll see.

As you can see, none of my favourites are on Team Adam. Bryan Keith was one of the best in his team, yet somehow, I couldn’t get myself to like him. Yes, he has a wonderful, raspy voice, but ow well… that’s why I’m not a judge on the show. (Who am I at the first place?! LOL).

What about you? Who’s your favourite this season?


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