The Voice Season 3: The Finale Foretold

The best thing about The Voice is you wouldn’t suspect who’s gonna excel merely from the Blind Auditions. So though yes I had my favourite three for the preliminary teaming up — Avery Wilson, Adriana Louise, and Cassadee Pope, I’ve come to a different conclusion on who’s gonna stand in the finale from each team. And I could say that Blake might lose out this time.

My prediction of the top 4 would be:

4. Team Blake: Terry McDermott / Cassadee Pope

I don’t know which of them is better. I liked Cassadee in the Blind Audition, but to tell you the truth, she doesn’t show much progress, nor offer something different to the table. In fact, both Terry’s and Cassadee’s styles are too common. But well, that’s just my opinion. So, I guess Blake’s team won’t stand a chance this time.

3/2. Team Cee Lo/Adam: Trevin Hunte / Amanda Brown

I remember that Amanda’s Blind Audition performance didn’t really capture the judges’ attention. She was almost booted out if Cee Lo didn’t press his button for her. But her astonishingly breath-taking performance against Trevin in the Battle Round proved the judges wrong, earning her three steals from all Christina, Blake and Adam. Adam is really lucky to have stolen Amanda; otherwise, his team wouldn’t be a worthy contender.

While Amanda Brown may have more confidence and experience, Trevin I believe only needs to discover that he is capable of other than ballads. Vocally, Trevin probably has the edge, but Amanda is not to be overlooked. Her confidence on stage has definitely been a propelling factor.

1. Team X-tina: Sylvia Yacoub

I’ve counted on Adriana Louise in the past, but after what seemed to me an awkward performance of her in the Battle Round, I considered her a top contender no longer. In my opinion, she has only managed to deliver an OK performance in both Battle and Knock Out Rounds. Her characteristic high-pitch screams have bored me.

Sylvia Yacoub, instead, has threaded her way up, delivering better and better performance each round. She entered my list of top contenders when she sang “Fighter” in the Knock Out Round. Wow, this girl is really good!

Today I googled her latest performance on the live show and was so touched by its beauty. Her performance was so breathtaking that I played it over and over again. I didn’t expect she would tone down and sing behind the piano. Sylvia rocks!


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