First Trimester: Tummy Cramp

My morning sickness continues. It’s entered its fifth day. But strangely, it doesn’t occur in the morning. Why do they call it such? Anyway, I haven’t gone to my community midwife to check up on my pregnancy, planning to do so this weekend. The 99.9% accuracy of the test kit is enough to convince me, and everyone else, that I’m indeed expecting. Moreover, pregnancy week calculation has become any mothers’ basic skill nowadays. My colleague — who has had two children of her own — helped calculating my number of weeks. What I need to know is the first day of my last period, and the week number is counted from that date.

Without realizing, I’m already coming to my 6th week now. More challenges begin to reveal themselves. The occasional nausea is one. (Though I can’t recall I had similar encounter with my first child). And now, I’ve started to feel my right stomach cramping whenever I sit too long — e.g. at work or on motorcycle rides.

Riding has become much troublesome because I have to stop every now and then to stretch my tummy and butt muscles. I can’t imagine how it would be once my tummy shows and grows bigger. And worse, can you even imagine how slow I’d ride once I enter my second or third trimester? Fyi, I used to ride at least at 40 km/h. Now, I’m already riding between 30 to 35. How slow could it get?

My husband sometimes sends and picks me up to and from work. However, sitting at the passenger seat of a motorcycle isn’t actually better than riding it by myself. The back cushion is harder, and therefore sitting on it is a lot more tiring. Furthermore, seeing the traffic as a passenger is honestly more stressful than self-navigating through the traffic. Whenever I’m at the back, I’m always more cautious of things; hence, I keep warning my husband to watch out of those that are by right trivial. The passenger me is way fussier than the rider me. Now you see the dilemma?

But anyway, it’s not yet that bad. I’m certainly up for the nine-month-or-so extra special treatment from everyone despite the challenges — morning sickness, stomach cramps, riding a motorcycle, climbing the stairs up and down at work, and not to mention the terrible taste of milk. The excitement, however, is beyond belief. I’ve even had two full names in hand — one for a boy, the other for a girl. Keep the spirit up!



  1. Good luck! 🙂

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