The Seed of Healing

Love in a mist

Verily in Blackseed there is a cure for every disease except death. (Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him)

When lab-manufactured supplements such as capsuled vitamins and minerals are widely available over the counter (OTC) in modern day’s supermarkets, convenience stores, and pharmacies, this particular ancient medicine is rarely found in such fine establishments. In fact, I don’t think any of them have it on stock at all. (At least, I haven’t encountered one that has it OTC).

Despite its traceable history back to as early as 200 years before century, the Egyptian pharaoh’s period, up to having been recorded in various accounts in the Old Testament, Nigella sativa – popularly known as “love in a mist” – has been used for the aromatic and medicinal property of its ripen black seeds (hence the name “blackseed”) in many traditions – from Africa, Middle East, up to South Asian regions especially India. The seeds have been used as spices in foods and buns and have been extracted for its therapeutic nature. Therefore, blackseed has traditionally been used in the curing of various health problems including, among others, respiratory diseases, liver and digestive disorders, and issues with body immune system.

I suffered from asthma attacks quite frequently. But since I consume blackseed capsules regularly, my frequency of breathlessness reduces. I feel stronger and healthier than ever before.

Benefits of blackseed

Black seeds of Nigella sativa (Photo credit: The Goblin)

By 2001, there has been 530 citations or research papers attributed to the species. And the research continues. Today, more than 200 educational institutes worldwide have conducted research to confirm and develop the medicinal and therapeutic property of Nigella sativa.  Not only that its black seeds – in pure ground powder or oil extract form (100% natural) – have been specially produced for daily consumptions, blackseed has also been mixed with other chemicals, natural or synthetic, for even more enhanced benefits. Among these benefits are:

Daily intake of blackseed capsules have personally eliminated my headache and nausea due to long-hour riding on motorcycle.

  • Treatment of various diseases, including: rheumatism, gout, inflammation, muscle cramps, migraine, eczema, allergy, diabetes, tuberculosis, chronic lung diseases, breathlessness, asthma, constipation, insomnia, stroke, and issues with internal organs such as heart, kidney, and liver;
  • Decrease cholesterol level;
  • Neutralise high blood pressure and anaemia;
  • Help in cancer treatment and tumour prevention;
  • Improve stamina and endurance;
  • Boost body immunity;
  • Improve memory, concentration and alertness;
  • Increase hormonal bioactivity;
  • Neutralise the toxins inside the body (detoxification);
  • Overcome stress and sleeping disorder; and
  • Good supplement for the elderly, pregnant women, infants, and women who breastfeed (it promotes lactation).

The following website summarises various researches conducted on the medicinal properties of Nigella sativa:

Nigella sativa has also helped relieve withdrawal symptoms from those trying to get off opiates. (Extract from “Nigella sativa (Black cumin) – Ancient Egyptian Cancer-fighting Super-spice”)

Elemental contents of blackseed

Blackseed contains important chemicals, among others are:

  • Thymoquinone – which has an antioxidant effect formulated useful as anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory agents;
  • Essential fatty acids, particularly linoleic acid – which is an omega 6 acid having cancer prevention properties and also proven to help with conditions such as cystic fibrosis and dermatitis;
  • Non-starch polysaccharides – i.e. dietary fibres;
  • 15 amino acids, including 8 most important ones required for numerous bodily functions;
  • Arginine – which is important for growth;
  • Minerals including calcium, sodium, potassium and iron important for numerous bodily functions;
  • Carotene – which can be converted into Vitamin A in the body; Vitamin A is useful for growth of new cells, improving vision and healthy skin and hair.

My husband used to get migraine quite frequently. Since he took blackseed capsules on daily basis, his migraine episodes reduce to almost none.

No wonder blackseed is known as the “seed of blessings” or habbat al barakah, or more popularly franchised as habbatussauda.

Have you tried consuming or using any products of Nigella sativa? Would you mind sharing your experience with us?

*This material has been compiled from various online and offline sources to support the 100% Nigella sativa product promoted in this site.

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