Breaking the Myths: Characteristics of Pure Honey

There are plenty of myths people believe to define the differences between pure honey and those impure or fake ones. The fact is, most of these theories are not actually accurate simply because characteristics of pure honey are unique depending on the species of bees producing it, water content in each type of honey, nectar source and many more. Therefore to say, for example, such and such honey product is impure simply because they easily dilute in water, or because they crystallise, is scientifically baseless.

Here we’ll discuss a few myths that are likely untrue.

Ants don’t like pure honey

Ants feeding on a drop of honey, a photo uploaded on

This premise is not entirely true. In fact, for certain genus of bees such as the Mellifera and the Trigona (Indonesian: lebah lanceng) ants are their main enemies.

Bottled honey and those in jerrycans are often seen to be ant free simply because its content is still releasing gas due to reaction within honey’s own molecular components. No ants like to get near this gaseous substance.

Pure honey doesn’t dissolve in water

This may not necessarily be true. In fact, pure honey with water content of more than 24% will straightly dilute when dropped into water.

Pure honey doesn’t crystallise in freezer

All pure honey has a certain amount of water content. This makes honey thicken when cooled and crystallise upon freezing. Pure honey originated from certain flowers like those of rubber trees and the kind will turn into small granules of honey crystals looking like sugar grains.

In short,  it is almost impossible to have accurate visual identification of the purity and originality of honey these days. Human’s mischief and greed have allowed them to forge or tamper with natural honey, mix them with other ingredients and market them as being “pure”. The only true way of verifying pure honey is by looking into its minuscule molecular structures and behaviour—this can only be done experimentally in biochemical laboratory.

Pure honey is completely safe for the body and should even be found effective to treat ailments. Diabetic patients, for example, will be able to consume pure honey as it won’t raise their blood sugar level. In fact, pure honey will help cure their disease. God-willing.


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