The Amazing Spider-Man, with a Cell… and a Backpack!

What I like about the new release of Spiderman movie, unlike its previous three predecessors, is the fact that despite all fictions, the Spiderman itself is a lot more authentic this time. You may laugh out loud when he, in his tight suit, talked on his cell phone on top of a skyscrapers, answering to his aunt’s request to buy a carton of eggs on his way home. Eggs? Spider-man? Are you kidding me?

Even the fact that he carried his backpack around, in his Spidey suit, was hilarious but honestly, truly legit. In the past Spiderman sequels you may wonder where Peter might have put all his clothes and bag when he was in action. Yet now, you may no longer need to ask such questions. It’s pretty obvious: He carried it around! Well… most times…

If only I could find a picture of him, in his Spidey suit, carrying backpack (Courtesy of:

Well, despite this new, distinctive Spiderman character, “The Amazing Spiderman” also took a leap of faith by emphasising on creative character selection and development. It’s a smart move to adopt the smart , independent, and caring Gwen Stacy as Peter’s fling as compared to the sophomore, seemingly weak Mary Jane. Inspite of the already lively Peter and his Spidey, heroic role, Gwen Stacy’s character has managed to spice up the whole story, creating deeper familiarity among the youthful audience. Who wouldn’t want to be the top girl in class who is, at the same time, pretty? Who wouldn’t want to be considered cool for their academic achievements? I bet quite a number of girls out there idolising Gwen.

Gwen Stacy played by Emma Stone (Courtesy of:

Anyway, still Peter Parker is the main highlight, and I’d have to say, his character is brilliantly developed.  Let’s first recall Tobey’s version of the character. Then, Peter Parker was rather meek,  mushy, and thinking much. I think the right word to describe him is “sentimental”. Worrying that Spidey’s enemies would hurt his loved ones, Peter became dishonest, untruthful to the people around him, especially to MJ. Frankly, watching Peter’s inability to express his feelings nor revealing the truth of who he is got me in distress for a while. How come this boy is so weak? He is Spiderman, isn’t he?!

The Peter Parker played by Andrew Garfield is, however, a complete opposite. Andrew’s Parker has guts. Even when he’s not Spidey, he had the courage to defend a bullied victim in his school. This Parker is also quite adventurous. Before he even got his super spider power, he dared to sneak in as one of the interns at OSCorp, joining the tour group until, at one point, he managed to separate from the group, entering restricted areas of the building.

I like this Peter Parker – daring, courageous, witty, and definitely smarter than the previous Peter (Courtesy of:

The new Peter is not awkward; therefore, his relationship with Gwen has become more alive. Andrew’s Parker has brought, to the table, a unique combination of wits and efficiency. He wasted no time hiding his true self and feeling but immediately expressed himself in gesture. Pulling Gwen towards him, by reflex, using his spider web only showed that he didn’t hesitate showing proof of who he is to the one he loves. At that point I was like “Wow… Peter is naughty!” Personally, the incident was a surprising but exciting discovery of the new Peter. I like this Peter.

More when he was being playful to the criminals he captured, the teenage Spidey made more sense. Try imagine being young, having recently found an amazing super power. Who wouldn’t be excited? Who would be able to stay compose?

Peter’s first encounter with his power (Courtesy of:

I love the fact that even after Gwen’s father told Peter to promise him not to approach his daughter anymore, this new Peter showed a glimpse of hope that he might break his promise. I bet the old Peter would go around, sentimental, beating around the bush about how hard separation was, and so on.

The new Spider-man movie has not only provided good entertainment, it also managed to recreate a different image of the superhero, making it  way more captivating altogether. With Peter’s parents now having greater significance in his relationship with his uncle and aunt, we as the audience can relate better with this character, knowing his complete background and feeling for him.

Last but not least, I’d like to commend the writer’s decision on showcasing Peter developing the web enhancer device. Using this device, Spidey becomes more humane. Even his super ability to produce web has limitation. More when he was shot and wounded – it only convinced us, the audience, that he was indeed, unlike Superman, a normal human being too.

In the first Spider-man movie, Peter was shown to go directly into his room after being bitten by the spider. In Garfield’s Spider-man, his humanity side is highlighted more. (Courtesy of:

I wonder how they would make the sequel like. I surely hope it would be as lively as this one.


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