The Odd, the Secret, and the Sweet

If not for Jennifer Garner, I’d still watch “The Odd Life of Timothy Green”. Simply because I don’t think the movie could ever be produced if Jen wasn’t playing Cindy.

Watching the trailer briefly but repeatedly on E!, I knew I’d want to watch the movie. I couldn’t quite remember the title though. I remembered it was (something) life of Timothy Green, but I forgot the exact, definitive word. Tried “secret life…” and “sweet life…” before I finally discovered the actual title. In fact the story was indeed oddly and secretively sweet. (Smiling).

I’d have to admit that I am a big fan of Jennifer Garner. Despite her B class acting, I still love watching her for her unique beauty and adorable, dimply, heart-warming, big smiles. In this movie, however, she had played her character so brilliantly that I couldn’t think of anyone better to be the kind-hearted, loving mother of the magical child, Timothy.

The first time Timothy appeared at Jim’s and Cindy’s house. (Source:

Delivered to the world instantly in one night, after less than 24 hours of “conception” — of Jim’s and Cindy’s wishes of having a boy with such and such characteristics written on pieces of paper and buried in the garden — Timothy showed up, dirty and naked, at the couple’s home during a miraculously stormy night, directly comfortable calling them mum and dad. Distinctively characterized by the growth of several leaves on both of his lower legs, which were hidden under his long, football socks, Timothy — being welcoming and friendly — soon warmed up with the family and its extended pack of cousins, uncles, aunts, grandmas and grandpas.

Like any parents, Jim and Cindy also wanted Timothy to appear normal. They tried to cut off his leaves, but instead, the garden scissors broke. (Source:

His first dodge ball game, participated heedlessly after his night of appearance at Jim’s and Cindy’s, ended with most uplifting, touching moment of magic. When Timothy closed his eyes and raised his hands high facing the soft, golden sun, the universe stood still. Emerged from the seed of wishes planted by Jim’s and Cindy’s in their garden, it is only natural that the young sprout welcomes the glistening sunlight so dearly — as if, in his eyes closed, he was absorbing the beautiful, life-giving energy of the sun. (Witnessing this, I started to cry, feeling inspired, so much so that I wished to go out there and then and do similar soul-elevating exercise. I was so touched!)

Moments when Timothy raised his hands upwads welcoming and absorbing the subtle energy from the sun had never failed to put me in tears. (Source:

As he opened his eyes, there was Joni, an older, pretty girl who enjoyed nature as much as Timothy did.

Uncontaminated with society norms and competitions between parents and fellow children, Timothy got comfortable in his close companionship with Joni, who similarly shared a secret she desired to hide from others — a huge, red birthmark on her right shoulder. They spent many days playing in the woods, crafting objects and decorations from dried leaves and twigs.

His innocent, honest, sincere and loving interaction with others have brought many, of the town men, and women, impressed by his humbling acts. The curator of the local museum where his mum worked was one of them. Being a “Picasso in pencil”, just like the wish of his parents, he sketched the curator lady better than a professional painter.

Grandpa Bob was another whom Timothy magically touched on the former’s dying bed. With his genuine yet witty humours, Timothy made Grandpa Bob laughed so hard that those who saw the occasion felt in awe. Jim and Cindy were definitely proud. No one had made Grandpa Bob laughed like that for ages. Despite his demise shortly after, witnessed by Timothy, everyone knew that thanks to the loving boy Grandpa Bob had a wonderful finale.

Timothy and Joni, Timothy’s crush, a girl who loved nature and shared similar concern towards her best-hidden birthmark. (Source:

Beautifully written, “The Odd Life of Timothy Green” showcased parenthood in most emotionally inspiring way. Little cute issues of parent rivalry to see who among their children is better than the others; parents’ concern on their under-aged boy dating the wrong girl; the spying, overprotecting, and over supporting behaviours; are all nicely intertwined with the miraculous days of discovering Timothy’s wonder.

Though Jim’s and Cindy’s story with Timothy was short-lived, with the magical boy disappearing from them in one night, his legacy had survived, motivating the couple to adopt a child and always have courage to make mistakes, fix them, and be better parents each day.

Overall, I would give a 7 out of 10 on combined story and character development, as well as nicely matched ensemble. I cried more than halfway through the movie — whenever Timothy raised his arms upwards feeling the sun, when he enjoyed lying down freely on the dried, autumn leaves, when he played “music”, when he showed his leaves to the public, when his leaves fell off one by one, when he witnessed Grandpa Bob died, when he was taken away. And many more touching moments that has made my two hours enjoyment worthy enough that I wouldn’t mind seeing the movie again and again.

“Get your tissues ready!” (Well, maybe it’s just me who was mushy).

Jim and Cindy showed support on their child’s awkwardly unique ‘musical’ performance. They did great tho! (Source:



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