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Instant Jamu—Traditional Indonesian Herb Concoction

Unit price: IDR 25,000 / SGD 2,70 / USD 2,20 Concoction options: Speargrass roots (Bahasa: akar ilalang) Good for kidney inflammation, breathlessness, bladder infection, gallstones, blood vomitting, cough, fever, hepatitis and diuretik Betel palm (Bahasa: sirih pinang) Good for reducing excessive wetness in women & minimising unpleasant smell in private organs White turmeric (Bahasa: kunir putih) Good for cancer/tumour […]

Fresh and Cooling Cucumbers

Drinking fresh cucumber juice is an ideal way to properly hydrate the body since it contains beneficial electrolytes that have the ability to bring nutrients and hydration deep into the cells and tissues, making it far more effective than water alone. Cucumbers are a highly alkalinizing and hydrating food that are rich in nutrients such as […]