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Tasnim Honey

My family is a strong believer in traditional Prophetic healing substances. Honey and black seed extract (habbattussauda) are the two main ingredients we always look for in any natural medicine products. However, being Indonesians, who grew up being familiar with various jamu and other herbal medicines we could find in our nenek’s kampong playground back then, we’d certainly love this product, […]

Kurma Ajwa Habbatussauda 210 Caps

Increase body immunity, promote stamina and endurance, improve memory, concentration & alertness, neutralise body toxins, anti tumor, promote lactation, and many more IDR 35,000 / bottle of 210 capsules More details: Ingredients & Benefits Order & Purchase Brochure

The Seed of Healing

Love in a mist Verily in Blackseed there is a cure for every disease except death. (Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him) When lab-manufactured supplements such as capsuled vitamins and minerals are widely available over the counter (OTC) in modern day’s supermarkets, convenience stores, and pharmacies, this particular ancient medicine is rarely found in such […]