Then eat of all the fruits and walk in the ways of your Lord submissively. There comes forth from within it a beverage of many colors, in which there is healing for men; most surely there is a sign in this for a people who reflect. (Al-Qur’an 16:69) Raw honey is often referred to as […]

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My family is a strong believer in traditional Prophetic healing substances. Honey and black seed extract (habbattussauda) are the two main ingredients we always look for in any natural medicine products. However, being Indonesians, who grew up being familiar with various jamu and other herbal medicines we could find in our nenek’s kampong playground back then, we’d certainly love this product, […]

Goose buumppsss!!! Media.. o media… how can you tell which one is true or false these days? You can’t use your intelligence anymore because how would you know what you just watched or read, which seemed factual, wasn’t in fact a really smart, public lie created to serve some hidden agenda you know not of? I’ve […]

To produce a single jar of honey, foraging bees have to travel the equivalent of three times around the world. SubhanAllah. Glory be to God. Runny hunny, a photo released by United States Agricultural Service in Wikipedia’s public domain.

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I’m having goose bumps. Again! It’s becoming more frequent nowadays, especially with all the confusions (Arabic: fitnah) spreading out of control. Smartphone technologies and social media may have been another milestone in the world’s growth to advancement, but they have also become underlying sources and means of horrendous atrocity. With all sorts of information we can google on […]

O Allah, There’s no god but You, The Most Exalted, Most Great By Your Graceful Names, I submit to You in deep prostration, surrendering to You, in contemplation of Your Majestic Power   By Your Dignified Names, I surrender to You and Your Decrees, submitting in humility, in realisation of my utmost nothingness O Allah, […]

The first evening of Rabi’ul awwal, or the month in which Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, was delivered to this Earth, was extremely different from other nights. It was rainy throughout yet I felt heat coming from within my body. That night I had to take my inhaler a few times, while on other […]

Improve stamina and immunity, facilitate treatment of various diseases, stabilise cholesterol level and blood pressure, etc. Price         : IDR 25,000 Content   :  200 ml Composition: Honey, dates extract, olive oil, habbatussauda/blackseed/nigella sativa, propolis, turmeric/curcuma, calcium, vitamin C & E (also contain Omega 3, 6 & 9) Inquiry Order & Purchase Benefits Insya Allah, God willing, […]

For treatment of various respiratory diseases, clearing the voice, etc. Price       : IDR 25,000 Content :  30 capsules Composition: Clerodendrum serratum/srigunggu extract, Andrographis paniculata/sambiloto, ginger and other herbs Inquiry Order & Purchase What is gurah? Click here to read the relevant article. Benefits of these capsules Insya Allah, God willing, the medicine shall help in: […]

Treatment of various respiratory diseases, clearing the voice, etc. Price         :  IDR 40,000 Content   :  125 ml Composition  :  Honey, clerodendrum serratum/srigunggu extract, habbatussauda/blackseed/nigella sativa, propolis, royal jelly, ginger, cinnamon, temulawak/curcuma zanthorriza and kencur/kaempferia galanga. Inquiry Order & Purchase What is Gurah? Click here to read the relevant article. Benefits of this gurah syrup Insya […]

Clerodendrum serratum, a species of Bagflower, or also known as glorybower, commonly found in Southeast Asia especially Indonesian regions, went unnoticed until the scientific world began to put more emphasis on alternative healing to substitute the high-cost modern medicines and practices. Locally known as srigunggu, the plant’s medicinal history goes back to the early 1900, […]

This list is latest updated on 10 January, 2013. For inquiries or purchase, please call Agung at (+62) 0878 8756 9797, or e-mail me. GURAH 1 Gurah Syrup for Children & Adults 125 ml IDR 40,000 To clean breathing passage by dissolving and excreting mucus and other crust and fungi deposits from the airway, which […]