Instant Jamu—Traditional Indonesian Herb Concoction

jamu png-res

Unit price: IDR 25,000 / SGD 2,70 / USD 2,20

Concoction options:

  • Speargrass roots (Bahasa: akar ilalang)
    Good for kidney inflammation, breathlessness, bladder infection, gallstones, blood vomitting, cough, fever, hepatitis and diuretik
  • Betel palm (Bahasa: sirih pinang)
    Good for reducing excessive wetness in women & minimising unpleasant smell in private organs
  • White turmeric (Bahasa: kunir putih)
    Good for cancer/tumour patients & preventions, asthma, TBC, sinusitis, rhematism, eczema & dengue
  • Aloe vera (Bahasa: lidah buaya)
    Good for hemorrhoid, cough, asthma, sore throat, epilepsy, gastritis, gall bladder inflammation, vagina inflammation & low blood pressure
  • Indian mulberry & curcuma (Bahasa: mengkudu & temulawak)
    Good for gastric ulcer, cholesterol, hypertension, uric acid & rejuvenating health
  • Turmeric (Bahasa: kunir)
    Good for heatiness, tonsilitis, diarrhea, acne prevention, cleansing of intestines & pushing away gases from the stomach
  • Ginger (Bahasa: jahe)
    Good for low blood pressure, bloating, stomach upset, cold & health of the heart
  • Kaempferia galanga / lesser galangal (Bahasa: kencur)
    Good for wet cough, runny nose, TBC, lung problems, smelly breath, cold, gastric problems, stomach pain & vomitting
  • Curcuma (Bahasa: temulawak)
    Good for stomach ulcer, gall bladder inflammation, liver, loss of appetite, constipation, smooth lactation & calcium replacement during menstruation in women

Concoction instant mixes are made to order.

For inquiry / order, please click here to e-mail me. Or you can PM me on or WA at +62 82124598211.


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