Annabawy Golden Forest Honey

Nutritionists have said that honey is the best drink in the world.

Medical experts have agreed that as long as healthy foods have been consumed during treatment, there is no longer any need to consume drugs. As long as natural medicines can be used, there is no need for chemical or synthetic drugs. (Ibn Qayyim Al Jauziyah)

Retail price IDR 100,000. Wholesellers get discounts. E-mail me.

Retail price IDR 100,000. Wholesellers get discounts. E-mail me.

Annabawy pure honey are:

  1. Pure
    Annabawy has skillful teams of honey hunters who explored deep end of Indonesian jungles to extract pure honey directly from forests’ beehives. The purity of every batch produced is then tested scientifically by a renown quality control company in Indonesia—that is PT. Sucofindo.
  2. Natural
    Annabawy forest honey is purely extracted from natural forests’ beehives whose bees’ food intake is 100% from nature. In other words, producer bees don’t consume synthetic foods in order to make their honey.
  3. Fresh
    Once harvested, this pure honey is immediately packed and distributed to the market. Thus, Annabawy doesn’t have old stocks.

Consuming honey helps to:

  • overcome various illnesses including headache, cough, flu, ulcer, dry lips, constipation, stomachache (ulcer, diarrhea, etc.), tonsillitis and sore throat;
  • treat various medical conditions such as heart problems, kidney problems, lung diseases, TBC, asthma and insomnia;
  • stabilise cholesterol level, blood pressure and anemic condition;
  • improve body immune system in babies, toddlers, children and adults;
  • increase appetite;
  • reduce bedwetting;
  • improve memory and intelligence;
  • increase calcium absorption, thus excellent for growth, old ages and osteoporosis patients;
  • heal external wounds (burns, cuts, post surgical wounds, gangrene, etc.); and
  • recuperate stamina after tiresome activities or in post sickness.

For excellent recipes for health using Annabawy honey, please click here.


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