Tasnim Honey

My family is a strong believer in traditional Prophetic healing substances. Honey and black seed extract (habbattussauda) are the two main ingredients we always look for in any natural medicine products. However, being Indonesians, who grew up being familiar with various jamu and other herbal medicines we could find in our nenek’s kampong playground back then, we’d certainly love this product, Madu Tasnim.

madu tasnim-2

Very good for prevention/treatment of various diseases: cancer/tumor, high blood pressure, cholesterol, stroke, rheumatism, constipation, oestoporosis, TBC, hepatitis, heart problems, gastric problems, kidney stones, coughs, low stamina, etc.

Composed of honey, habbatussauda, olive oil, and a mixture of various medicinal plant extracts including, among others, virgin coconut oil, red ginger, propolis, soursop leaves, mangosteen skin, lingzhi mushroom, and many more, we found this honey product most effective for our daily supplement. My husband and I take a spoonful of Madu Tasnim, at least twice a day; or at least, if we take 3 capsules of habbatussauda oil on its own in the morning, we’d take Madu Tasnim in the evening.Our 5 years old son also take a spoonful twice a day; thrice if he doesn’t feel well.

My cousin, who is a pilot, takes Madu Tasnim regularly and increases its dosage whenever he feels he’s about to fall sick too. There’s one time he was feeling feverish, but after he took 3 spoonful of Madu Tasnim, he felt better almost immediately.

When consuming Madu Tasnim, you’d feel heat travel across your chest. This I believe is good because the ingredients in the product release their medicinal properties instantly, the moment it reaches your throat and stomach.

Try it out! Unlike synthetic drugs, Madu Tasnim has been proven effective without causing harm to your body because all its ingredients are of natural origin. More importantly, it doesn’t rip off your pocket.


We can arrange the product to be delivered to your address (local/overseas) at a price of IDR 70,000 (about SGD 7.50/USD 6.50) per bottle, minus delivery charge. If you are interested, please click here to drop me an e-mail.


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