Media… o media…

Goose buumppsss!!! Media.. o media… how can you tell which one is true or false these days? You can’t use your intelligence anymore because how would you know what you just watched or read, which seemed factual, wasn’t in fact a really smart, public lie created to serve some hidden agenda you know not of?

I’ve always got goosies when I realise my intellect has stuck at some contradictive opinions; both sound authentic by the way. But then, when the power of my limited mind couldn’t go much further, I’d retract and return to the only one thing that has never failed to give me an honest, truthful answer… My heart. So, I search for the voice of conscience and find peace in the original intuition Allah has signaled upon me. Why would I bother to get headache reading all these craps in the media? Pray for Allah to guide you and go ahead, trust your instinct!

May Allah protect and save us from the confusion (fitnah) of the Last Days. May Allah make us among those who are fortunate to stand up for Haqq. Amin 313x.




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