The Cry-Out… Loud

I’m having goose bumps. Again! It’s becoming more frequent nowadays, especially with all the confusions (Arabic: fitnah) spreading out of control. Smartphone technologies and social media may have been another milestone in the world’s growth to advancement, but they have also become underlying sources and means of horrendous atrocity.

With all sorts of information we can google on the Internet, or our social circles flash around on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, we hardly know which one is right and which one isn’t anymore. Better still if we bother to question the authenticity of the news we hear or read. Unfortunately, majority of the public aren’t cautious enough with what they perceive and choose to believe. Thus, people debate over things they know not.

Do you know that there’s this thing called fiction, which writers can make up simply based on their creative imagination? Do you know that there’s this apps called Photoshop any newbie designers can use to create images that seem real but don’t actually take place? I know because I myself have written some fictions and done some composite images, all of which aren’t actually existing.

Worse, not many realise that most global supports on Israeli’s bombardments on Palestinians in Gaza was partly a successful attempt of international media such as BBC, NBC and Fox to pick and choose, and twist, news that they’d like to broadcast. This media power play has taken place way before Smartphones even invented, what more now.

Take for example the pro-Gaza rally in London, which happened two days ago, in which about 15,000 people turned out, none of the big media corporations broadcast or publish their coverage on any of their channels. Why?

To take on even further, media have created TV shows of which story lines catered to subtly convince their audience that their beneficiaries’ twisted agenda is true and just. One show I know of is NCIS, a CBS crime series with one of the smartest castings and scripts. It basically implies why audience would justify the U.S. intelligence cooperation with that of Israel, the Mossad, why sending troops to Afghanistan and Iraq are commendable actions, and many other art crafts that would seem heroic to most gullible audience. I’d have to admit, I was once an unsuspecting fan of such shows too.

On a brighter side, the Internet, Smartphones and social media has allowed genuine people, who have first-hand experience with the actual events, to share their perspectives and voice out their concerns to the more humane societies to hear or read them within an instant. This letter from a Norwegian hero doctor who is now in Gaza is an example. Or, this commendable act of this non-Muslim German pharmacist, whose action has become an inspiration to more and more people to do good to humanity.

But, then again we could ask the question, “How are you so sure that the piece of writing or the news feed you just read or watched was genuine? How do you know that you aren’t just falling from one devil’s trap into another, purposely designed to capture you if the first only managed to scar you?” Scary, isn’t it?

I shut down my Facebook a few years back out of this fear of being misled by these constantly crawling arms, only the arms, of Dajjal (the false messiah). It’s such confusion I had wished to avoid in my peaceful life. It’s such atrocity I’d wished to keep out of my spiritual journey.

However, I’ve decided to get back on it again (back on FB), thinking that I’m now stronger to resist its gravity (Foolish me!). Besides, my circles of friends, who are mostly spiritual, loving and kind people, are those whom I aspire from to improve my own state of piety and contentment (read: spirituality). Most of these people are those who, through their good and inspiring posts, remind me on the goodness and nobility human beings still have, on the good values I should continuously aspire from.

So, I’ve been back on the social media for quite some time, and honestly it’s been challenging. I learn a lot about others, but more importantly a lot more about myself. How easily affected I was with provoking posts; how quickly I was to form judgement on others or to position myself as the better knower of others and gave advice where I wasn’t supposed to. Do you know that you can also set your posts to only portray how you want others to perceive you? How vain!

But, slowly but surely, I am growing out of it, out of the boundaries of perceptions and desires to be perceived. I am learning to put a limit to what I can or can’t posts, to what I can or can’t comment on, and to whom I can or can’t interact with. I try sharing goodness, love, joy and inspiring stories of beautiful people around the world. I’d share wisdom and noble values our elders, teachers and guides instill and engrave in us, and hopefully other good, beautiful and loving things around us.


It was presidential campaign and election season recently in my country, and the Facebook friendship atmosphere had become heated, again with posts, news and comments whose truth I knew nothing about. Again, I got goose bumps reading and watching whatever’s happening on it. Confusion… and confusion… It’s rather funny though, to witness smart, intelligent people argue over things they themselves are not sure about its authenticity. It’s mind-boggling to see the usually “wise” and “pious” people (you can see it from their day-to-day posts) turning ugly, mocking and insulting the other candidate and his supporters. What’s going on with my country? Has there been a mass hypnotist or something?

My family and I were, nevertheless, fortunate to have had a number of spiritual guides to refer to from. They, who didn’t base their judgement on what’s on the news, but only asked God to show them the right way through night vigils and constant prayers, had provided assurance. So, praise be to God that we elected based on divine guidance instead of spreading rumors or public lies. Unfortunately, many have apparently chosen to use their own “clever” mind instead of relying on the guidance of their spiritual teachers. How do they know if they aren’t in fact bullied by the media?

Now, we’re looking forward to hear about the outcome of this election. Whoever he is that come to the presidential seat later, we hope he could be the voice of real justice not only for our country, but also for all the oppressed around the world. We certainly hope he isn’t controlled by the U.S., nor the Zionist. Hopefully nothing like…

  • Obama, whose governance has been anything but agenda to support the Zionist’s mission, which has now taken more than 400 lives within weeks, 100 or so children;
  • most Arab kings, who’ve submitted under the U.S. control, growing their own wealth and love of this world in expense of their suffering next-door neighbours;
  • the current Syrian leader, who’s taken control by force and whose armies oblige the civilians to call him god;
  • the Egyptian government, who’s–after the coup–let their armies insult and mock spiritual teachers and guides, dragging them on the streets while pulling their long beards; whose border isn’t open for Palestinians to take refuge from, nor for medical volunteers and aids to enter Gaza to provide support. How horrific oppression and injustice has been!

Today, we hear Palestine crying out loud; Myanmar crying out loud; women in India; Iran; Ukraine; and voice of humanity also crying out loud with them. But, unheard of here in my country, Indonesia, is the cries of Indonesian people who fear but at the same time hopeful on what Indonesia will become in future.

We hope, we wish and we pray that Indonesia doesn’t fall to its doom with its new President. God-willing.


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