By Your Grace, I Bow and Surrender

1411830_torrey_pines_state_parkO Allah,
There’s no god but You,
The Most Exalted, Most Great

By Your Graceful Names,
I submit to You in deep prostration,
surrendering to You,
in contemplation of Your Majestic Power


By Your Dignified Names,
I surrender to You and Your Decrees,
submitting in humility,
in realisation of my utmost nothingness

O Allah,
There’s no king like You,
The Most Compassionate, Most Merciful

By Your Subtle Tenderness,
I bow to You in complete reliance,
hoping in You, and Only You,
in my state of ignorance

By Your Abundant Love,
I weep in Your Countenance,
praying to You, and Only You,
in my state of dying helplessness

O Allah,
There’s no destination like You,
The Most Ultimate, Most Peaceful

By Your Creations of Heavens and Earths,
From You we have emerged, and
To You we will return


Note: In my teary moment today, I had wished I had had a Qur’an in hand, or a burdah book, so I could be entertained by the recitation of God’s verses or by the song of salutations to the Prophet, peace be upon him. But, I didn’t have any of those dear books in hands. So, there was this scribbling, written in a state of sadness knowing people closest to me constantly try to impose the idea that my husband and I are not good enough parents for our son, hence the various attempts to take our son away from us. This is a struggle of a small caterpillar like me, to emerge from its cocoon of inconfidence and believe in itself to be a beautiful butterfly instead. Allahumma solli ‘ala Muhammad


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