Syamil Dates Honey for Family

syamil dates honey family 200 mlImprove stamina and immunity, facilitate treatment of various diseases, stabilise cholesterol level and blood pressure, etc.

Price         : IDR 25,000
Content   :  200 ml
Composition: Honey, dates extract, olive oil, habbatussauda/blackseed/nigella sativa, propolis, turmeric/curcuma, calcium, vitamin C & E (also contain Omega 3, 6 & 9)

Order & Purchase

Insya Allah, God willing, this dates honey is useful:

  1. To increase stamina and body immunity
  2. As antibiotic, anti oxidant and anti inflammation
  3. To speed up recovery of dengue, prevent anemia and remove body toxin (detoxifying agent)
  4. To cure fever, headache, cough, flu, ulcer, tonsillitis, throat infection, asthma, tuberculosis (TB), breathlessness, etc.
  5. To reduce cholesterol level and blood pressure
  6. To prevent osteoporosis and rheumatism
  7. For skin care
  8. As nutritious supplement during pregnancy and breastfeeding

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