As-Syifa Gurah Capsules

For treatment of various respiratory diseases, clearing the voice, etc.

Price       : IDR 25,000
Content :  30 capsules
Composition: Clerodendrum serratum/srigunggu extract, Andrographis paniculata/sambiloto, ginger and other herbs

Order & Purchase

What is gurah?
Click here to read the relevant article.

Benefits of these capsules
Insya Allah, God willing, the medicine shall help in:

  1. Clearing the voice, making it louder and longer (good for public speakers, singers, puppet masters, actors, teachers, lecturers, MC, etc.)
  2. Producing nice and clear voice
  3. Curing respiratory diseases including asthma, sinusitis, rhinitis, tuberculosis (TB), bronchitis, lung diseases, flu, runny nose, alergy, and so on.
  4. Speedy recovery of other diseases such as headache, migraine, stress, high blood pressure, gastric and digestive disorders.

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