Our Latest Health Products

herbal agung baru

This list is latest updated on 10 January, 2013.
For inquiries or purchase, please call Agung at (+62) 0878 8756 9797, or e-mail me.

1 Gurah Syrup for Children & Adults 125 ml IDR 40,000 To clean breathing passage by dissolving and excreting mucus and other crust and fungi deposits from the airway, which subsequently clear the voice, cure respiratory diseases including flu, cough, tuberculosis and asthma, remove bladder stones, cleanse sex organs, and many more. More… Click here
2 As-Syifa Gurah for Adults 30 caps IDR 25,000 Click here
3 As-Syifa Gurah for Women 30 caps IDR 25,000 Especially helps cleanse the female reproduction organs and remove bacteria and fungi from those organs, for healthier reproduction and intercourse Click here
4 Melia Propolis 6 ml IDR 50,000 (Oral consumption) To promote heart health and strengthen immune system, relieve from inflammations, viral diseases and ulcers, clear sore throat, protect against dental caries, help in cancer treatment; (External use) To treat skin burns and eye disesases including cataract, and many more; 1 drop of propolis = antioxidant from 500 oranges. Click here
5 HabbaSyifa Blackseed Oil 90 caps IDR 35,000 To decrease cholesterol, improve stamina and endurance, increase body immunity, improve memory, concentration and alertness, neutralise body toxins, treat many diseases including allergy, gout, asthma, inflammation, cancer, tumour, diabetes, various issues with internal organs, and many more. Click here
6 Inolife Blackseed Oil 85 caps IDR 45,000 Click here
7 Kurma Ajwa Ground Blackseed 210 caps IDR 35,000 Click here
8 Zait Saudana Habasy Propolis 205 caps IDR 80,000 All-in-one habbatussauda/blackseed and 50% propolis extracts Click here
9 Madu Syamil Family 200 ml IDR 25,000 All-in-one honey, dates extracts, habbatussauda/blackseed, propolis, olive oil, curcuma (turmeric extracts), omega 3, 6 & 9, calcium, vitamin C & E Click here
10 Madu Herbal Tasnim 350 gr IDR 70,000 100% natural honey, with habbatussauda/blackseed and propolis extracts, mangosteen peel’s super anti oxidant, spirulina, soursop leaves extracts, which is 10,000 times more powerful than chemotherapy Click here
11 Equs Coffee 3 sachets IDR 45,000 Unlike any others of the kind, its mixture of traditional ingredients –red ginseng, ganoderma, garlic, soya bean, seaweed and blackseed — has proven effective to improve intimacy in marriage, spice up relationship, cure impotency and early ejaculation in men, improve stamina and body heat, etc.; effective immediately 5 hours after intake. More… Click here
12 Permanent Penis Enlargement Oil 3 ml IDR 55,000 For external application; enlarge sex organ, cure impotency, prevent early ejaculation, etc. Click here
13 Siwak IDR 10,000 Recommended by WHO for oral hygiene; more…
14 Herba Jawi / But But Oil 75 ml IDR 25,000 (External application) for broken bones, constipation, hypertension, stroke, paralysis, relieve stressed nerves and muscle cramps, for insect bites, burns, asthma, impotency, etc.; (Oral intake) for diarrhea, asthma, etc. Click here
15 Deer musk 10 ml IDR 20,000
16 White musk 10 ml IDR 20,000
17 Benamor 10 ml IDR 20,000
18 White misik 10 ml IDR 20,000

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