Once again a “Real” Man simply by drinking coffee

kopi equs sasetMy husband’s friend is a grandfather with quite a number of grandchildren. In his 60s, he had found himself incapable of having sexual intercourse with his wife. The past four years have been miserable for both his wife and him. He went to get treatments — medical and traditional — here and there. None produced satisfying result till one day he met a  man in his 40s, who suggested him to try drinking EQUS coffee.

After the long years of emptiness and efforts to get treatments, he could once again have fulfilling intercourse with his wife after drinking a sachet of EQUS coffee a day.

News about the coffee spread. Since then, a number of friends have been consuming the drink.

Usage suggestion:

  • For those under 40, it is advisable to try drinking half a sachet a day and see how the coffee works in their body before increasing the dosage.
  • For those over 40, taking one sachet a day gives most effective outcome; especially for those who have “problem” (e.g. impotency or early ejaculation), drinking one sachet a day for three consecutive days is the recommended therapy.
  • Married women may also consume this drink, together with their husband, to improve intimacy with their partner.

All natural ingredients

EQUS Coffee is made of all natural ingredients, free from synthetic chemicals. With a mixture of various herbs extracts including red ginseng, blackberry, garlic, soya bean, ganoderma, seaweed and blackseed or Nigella sativa, this instant coffee (sugar and cream included) makes drinking of coffee becomes relaxing and health promoting at the same time.

Not only does it help improve stamina, it also proves to increase concentration, boost energy, improve immunity, increase body heat, prevent prostate cancer, maintain liver condition, strengthen the heart and clean the blood vessels.


For more real-life stories, information, order and purchase, please e-mail me. Or, you may directly contact the person indicated on the brochure below.




  1. salim fauzi lubis · · Reply

    apa sudah ada dijual di Apotek atau tempat-tempat penjualan untuk kopi ini…

    1. belum pak. suami saya aja susah mencari supplier yg bisa benar2 murah utk pembelian sedikit. tidak seperti merek2 habbatussauda atau produk herbal yg lain, kopi ini belum banyak beredar di pasaran.

  2. Bgmana cara membelinya

    1. You can drop me an email at http://starsfromheavens.com/email-me/
      to let me know your order and delivery detail. I shall make arrangement accordingly. anyway, I’ve also emailed you personally to verify your detailed order. Pls check. Thank you for your interest in this product.

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