Theme Trouble: Impulsive Attempt Turned Disaster

Before I go about writing this post, I’d have to let you know that in no way I had intended to discredit WordPress through this post. On the contrary, I love WP! It’s been a constant medium on which I practice writing and connect to the outside world. The encounter I convey here is therefore not representative to my genuine feeling towards WP. It is a mere temporary glitch that doesn’t affect my sentiment in any way. In fact, the incident might have only resulted from my ignorance to WP’s features and tools.

Impulse of the moment

I read about WP’s New Theme: Twenty Twelve and was intrigued to try it out on my blog. Looking at the featured sample page, I thought, “This looks quite good!”

The last time I changed my blog theme was a few months ago, when I only started my blog, still figuring my way around. I had tried one or two themes before I settled with my current one. I was even proud enough to discover how to create navigation menus, like those on websites, using WP’s custom menus feature.

Despite having a bit of issue with its impaired look when the custom menus went up to 2 lines, I was quite satisfied with how my blog appeared then. (I tried my best not to showcase all the menus to prevent visual awkwardness on my pages though). I don’t know what’s got into me that I suddenly decided to change the theme, not knowing the distress I was about to face.

I clicked “Customize”…

The first thing I noticed, “Woops, my header image is gone!”

So, I clicked “Header” on the viewer’s toolbar, hoping to reload my original header there. But, the tool didn’t budge, nor did it show any sign that my request was processed. (It’s probably a browser problem).

Still hopeful, I went on noticing my blog’s menu on the viewer. It showed my pages—which I didn’t want—instead of my custom menus. Hence, I clicked “Navigations”, expecting to select an appropriate set of menus from there. Yet again, the button seemed to be unclickable. (Another browser issue).

A bit irritated, I closed the viewer’s toolbar and aspired to try working on it from the dashboard.

The reading mode I set ‘Summary’ instead of ‘Full text’. Nevertheless, the intended change wasn’t reflected on my main feed. (I don’t know what’s the problem. I clicked “Save changes”). I grew furious.

Worse, I couldn’t bear the thought of having to remove one picture from each of my posts so that it wouldn’t have to repeat the featured image posted on top of each write-up on the reader.

Consequently I decided to return to my previous theme–the one I’ve settled with all this time. But, here’s the disastrous part… I couldn’t remember what my previous theme was. (My fault).

At this point, I’d had cold sweats.

Panicking, I switched to several other themes I thought to be my previous one. I tried Oxygen because I remembered my previous theme was started with the letter ‘O’. However, it wasn’t IT! The Oxygen theme has, by default, two side bars, but I didn’t want the Primary Sidebar. I tried emptying the widgets on this sidebar (which is the one on the left) in a hope that empty sidebar would disappear. But, it didn’t.

Next I tried Twenty Ten, simply because I had liked it before. But again, when the header image, which I had reloaded twice in the previous two themes I tested, wasn’t as intended, I became extremely upset.

“How many times should I try reload and reset every single theme before I am satisfied with one?” (Not to mention the number of times I had to restart my browser, thinking it might have frozen! Definitely browser error).

I then resolved to browsing every single theme under the ‘Popular’ category. Yet, the theme I had wanted to return to wasn’t there.

Unwilling, I browsed all themes A-Z and finally, rediscovered the minimalistic theme, Origin, I had initially liked and used on my blog.

Relieved, I began to reset my widgets accordingly. Lucky me, the header image stayed as it was.

Nevertheless, the breathtaking, stomach-cramping WP trouble didn’t end there as I had to reconnect my Googlereads and encountered minor issues in obtaining my user ID. (Again, browser problem).

At the end, my persistence did earn me a positive outcome—my initial WP’s look is back! Phew… at least I know that the next time a new theme enticed me, I might just have to pass it.


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