USB Vintage Fan – A Cooling Breeze for Your Notebook!

It’s been a while I didn’t write about interesting products. As a writer, with frequent inspirations flowing into my heart, and mind, I’d have to cleverly pick and choose, which I would easily get the resources on. Hence, it would usually be movie reviews that I prioritise, due to numerous image sources available online.

Yet, I’ve now had some time to work on bits of my amusements to unique objects I have benefitted from. Among which is this USB Vintage Fan. With a retail price of 80,000 rupiahs (about 12 SGD), the small but steady, metallic, desktop fan has neatly decorated my working space at home.

USB vintage fan (Courtesy of:

The fan may be small, but it is very suitable to cool off a heated CPU when a laptop is on. Simply connect the fan to a USB port and your notebook will get the wind blow it deserves. You keep it connected to your laptop even if you want to shut down the computer; the fan will automatically turn off as power is cut off from the CPU.

Though initially there was a variety of fan colours – black, green, yellow, and red – I recently checked and figured only the red one is still available.

If you are interested with this unique product, or would like to enquire about ordering in advance, please e-mail me.


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