A Day Out @ Telaga Sampireun

I’ve always wanted to go to Telaga Sampireun, a restaurant by the lake, since about 2 yrs ago. As I passed by the location after work, the temptation of dropping by hadn’t once been fulfilled. Yet, last Friday, as many other good, surprising Fridays, we finally managed to drop by for my cousin’s wedding reception at the hall at the centre of the man-made lake.

Using my Samsung Galaxy S2 camera, I experimented different effects of shooting, yet decided to showcase mostly coloured images due to the beautiful scenery too good to waste.

The first thing we noticed as we entered the premise was this massive amount of fish gathering for food.

Telaga Sampireun – which in Sundanese means a lake (telaga) to drop by (sampireun) – is comprised of a man-made lake fully stocked with fish and wooden units of huts on the side, surrounding the lake.

Families can use any of the vacant huts to enjoy the foods this restaurant offers and relax, watching the beautiful scenery, listening to the sound of gushing or flowing water, and feeding the fish from the back patio of their huts.

At the centre of this lake is a main hall, usually occupied for booked parties, meetings, or like the one I was attending then, wedding receptions. Extended out from this small land mass at the centre of the lake are two large, wooden landings, like piers, used to dine outdoor in the evening.

It is a bit unfortunate that we were not there in the evening, to see the beautiful balls of lights hanging downwards from bamboo poles above these landings. However, we wouldn’t capture the beautiful day-light view should we were there at night.

The best thing is, on top of its therapeutic atmosphere, Telaga Sampireun has a place for all members of the family. Children can access the playground for free, sign up for various joy rides, get into the giant baloon and walk on water in it. Also, they have sampan riding facility, giving families optional experience while enjoying quality time at the premise.

My son on the sampan..





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