A New Photography Geek is in the House!

My Samsung Galaxy S2 has become a great learning tool for my 3-yr old son. Not only that he finds amusements from the fun and educative games I managed to install for him, he has also recently found a new hobby – photography! Can you believe that?

If not due to knowing the superior capability of the 8 megapix camera, perhaps he has decided to adopt this fancy liking for its flashy effect and the fascination of framing what’s around him.

I have to salute him for taking 10 good shots out of 100 he took, despite my tireless attempts of clicking ‘delete’ for every single shot gone haywire. Thumbs up, my son!

See how he captured the lighting effect and the TV show at the same time. “The Listener” was on then.

Now check out how beautiful our ceiling was!

He then learnt to shoot in a different orientation. Whose cupboard is that?

And whose is this one?

The white and shiny floor!

His spiderman toy…

Wow, finally… a rather artistic piece! Can you guess what this is?

Last but not least, a shot which I myself couldn’t immediately guess where it was from.


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