Apologies for My Newly Discovered Likeness

My recent interest in kaftans and clothing of the like, as well as accessories and products I’d purchase and wear, has given me a constant urge to write more sharing about those things I’d like to have for myself.

For your information, I do not share all this  product info mainly for its potential business profits – No! Because if that is the case, I’d be showcasing a variety of things, almost anything under the Sun, which I may or may not want to wear or have. The products I display on this blog are simply selected from several suppliers based on what I’d like to have or wear. Personally, sharing this information comes with a sincere wish that all of you out there would also enjoy having or wearing the products yourself, or as gifts to your loved ones.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a comprehensive product catalogue of one or two particular categories, you may not find it in my blog. If you’re looking to shop till you drop, you can’t do it here. If you’re looking to window-shop your favourites, might as well you go somewhere else. But, if you’re looking to see if you have liked similar products I like, then be my guests! With my personal contact with local suppliers in my country, I can help purchase, or even order in bulk, the products you like and arrange for delivery to your address, insya Allah,God-willing!

This is also the reason why I didn’t separate my blogging on these products on a separate wordpress site. Just like my reviews on movies and TV series, or my life journeys, sharing on these products also becomes a channel to practice my writings. No doubt that I might start or end each product writing by price and availability summary, but I’m only doing that for the DOUBLE benefits I gain – the fun of exploring writing styles and communicating with you (e-mail me) to help purchase what you like.

So, for those of you who have been following my movie reviews or my life encounters, I’d like to apologise for this abrupt shift, which is not actually a change of likeness from movies and crime series.  I have simply discovered a new interest which I’m in fact rather crazy about at the moment. And, I very much would like to share my new likeness with you.


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