A little wish for love

My love,
I wonder why God has made you mine,
against all odds, family’s pride and prejudice.
When destiny contradicts rationale,
no one could say otherwise.

My dear love,
Remember how we were brought together,
through divine intervention beyond reasons.
Across the lands and the oceans, still
we were united in a noble presence.

My dear love,
While countless efforts failed,
with you, I succeed with no attempt.
No need for intricacy, with you,
everything simply becomes easy.

My dear love,
Despite the sneering of others,
you’ve found complete reliance in Him.
Despite the mocking of others,
you’ve found peace by showing compassions.

My dear love,
After all we’ve been through,
you’ve never ceased to be amicable.
After all we’ve experienced,
you’ve never stopped to be admirable.

My dear love,
a better person I am because of you,
a more beautiful woman I am for you.
Patience and perseverance I’ve learnt,
to be a worthy and deserving companion.

So, my dear love,
with a positive outlook towards the future,
I ask God to shine His Lights upon us,
to build a comfortable home here on Earth,
and a magnificent palace in heavens.

Happy birthday! 


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