The Downfall of My Family

Setting up a book rental shop to help family’s financial situation

In the last two  years of my high school days, my father was retrenched. He was unable to perform optimally at work due to a yearlong lever complication. My mum took over and became the driving force of the family. She pushed and helped my father setup our small, book rental shop; she made cakes and tidbits for me to sell in school, etc. Despite all efforts, my parents still couldn’t afford to enroll me in a decent university. No doubt, I’d receive financial assistance from my uncles and aunts; but, imagine if I had to put up with such emotional responsibility for the rest of my life!

Fortunately, I received a full scholarship to study abroad; my parents did not have to spend a single penny, not for study, nor for allowance and accommodation. My allowance was good enough to fulfill my needs, and even supported my pursue in religious study and spirituality.


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