In Search for Peace

One of the religious classes I attended

Upon conversion, I enrolled in various religious classes outside my campus. I sat in comparative religion, Islamic laws and jurisprudence, Islamic history, etc. And, I even became a volunteer in a local Moslem converts’ association, just to hear amazing stories of conversion to Islam and why people were genuinely attracted to the religion. My search for the truth excited me, so much so that I kind of neglected my academic studies.

Despite attending religious activities outside my academic hours, returning to my dorm late night or at wee hours in the morning had become a habit. Consequently, I often failed to turn up for morning lectures or tutorials. Such careless acts had only led to extra hectic exam preparation. While others had already mastered a topic way before exam period, I rushed to grasp the same topic in less than a month, or even in one night. As a result, although I didn’t do bad in my exams, they couldn’t verify my integrity when I registered to enroll for a higher level study. I was beyond an average student, but I wasn’t good enough.

However, all the mishaps were actually a worthy enough trade-off for my discovery of a spiritual path that has given me comforts and uplifted my spirits in many years now.


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