A Turning Point

Putting on hijaab to help preserve my faith

I wasn’t actually converted as in changed my religion. No! A Moslem I was and still is. However, the conversion I was referring to was more to enlightenment and in-depth realisation on the spirituality (or the non-physical aspect) of my religion. This occurred during the first year of my life abroad, away from home.

Before this significant turning point, I used to doubt if Islam was right for me. Being narrow-minded, I tended to compare my Moslem friends with those of other religions. I often wondered why on earth they were nicer than my moslem friends. Worse still, I grew upset with my own people for being less helpful to me than those of other religions.

One night when I was in a deep contemplation, thinking of trying out another religion, I heard a voice in my heart stopping me from my careless intention. “Stay in this religion! You haven’t seen all there is to it.” Puzzled with the instruction, yet curious with its truth, I decided to put on hijaab – a woman’s head gear of Islam – to help keeping me in faith, at least until I found my peace.

First time I told her (about the hijaab), my mother wasn’t happy about it. She thought by putting on hijaab, I’d close my chance of being accepted in occupational work. Her belief was that it would be difficult for me to work at any company as outward appearance was considered important then. Alhamdulillah, praise be to Allah, the Lord Almighty, that she showed her support by sending me decent clothing after a month. I guessed my father had played part in her change of heart.


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