O Allah, There’s no god but You, The Most Exalted, Most Great By Your Graceful Names, I submit to You in deep prostration, surrendering to You, in contemplation of Your Majestic Power   By Your Dignified Names, I surrender to You and Your Decrees, submitting in humility, in realisation of my utmost nothingness O Allah, […]


The first evening of Rabi’ul awwal, or the month in which Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, was delivered to this Earth, was extremely different from other nights. It was rainy throughout yet I felt heat coming from within my body. That night I had to take my inhaler a few times, while on other […]

syamil dates honey family 200 ml

Improve stamina and immunity, facilitate treatment of various diseases, stabilise cholesterol level and blood pressure, etc. Price         : IDR 25,000 Content   :  200 ml Composition: Honey, dates extract, olive oil, habbatussauda/blackseed/nigella sativa, propolis, turmeric/curcuma, calcium, vitamin C & E (also contain Omega 3, 6 & 9) Inquiry Order & Purchase Benefits Insya Allah, God willing, […]

gurah assyifa 30 caps

For treatment of various respiratory diseases, clearing the voice, etc. Price       : IDR 25,000 Content :  30 capsules Composition: Clerodendrum serratum/srigunggu extract, Andrographis paniculata/sambiloto, ginger and other herbs Inquiry Order & Purchase What is gurah? Click here to read the relevant article. Benefits of these capsules Insya Allah, God willing, the medicine shall help in: […]

gurah syrup for children and adults 125 ml

Treatment of various respiratory diseases, clearing the voice, etc. Price         :  IDR 40,000 Content   :  125 ml Composition  :  Honey, clerodendrum serratum/srigunggu extract, habbatussauda/blackseed/nigella sativa, propolis, royal jelly, ginger, cinnamon, temulawak/curcuma zanthorriza and kencur/kaempferia galanga. Inquiry Order & Purchase What is Gurah? Click here to read the relevant article. Benefits of this gurah syrup Insya […]

reduced rhinitis

Clerodendrum serratum, a species of Bagflower, or also known as glorybower, commonly found in Southeast Asia especially Indonesian regions, went unnoticed until the scientific world began to put more emphasis on alternative healing to substitute the high-cost modern medicines and practices. Locally known as srigunggu, the plant’s medicinal history goes back to the early 1900, […]

herbal agung baru

This list is latest updated on 10 January, 2013. For inquiries or purchase, please call Agung at (+62) 0878 8756 9797, or e-mail me. GURAH 1 Gurah Syrup for Children & Adults 125 ml IDR 40,000 To clean breathing passage by dissolving and excreting mucus and other crust and fungi deposits from the airway, which […]


“400 a month? How could it be sufficient?!” I still remember the exact line my mum and her aristocratic elder sister ignorantly exclaimed when my family and I visited them at the latter’s less likely luxurious, three-floored, cornered terrace. Being me, despite realising my need to restraint from explaining things unnecessarily to irrelevant people, I […]

kopi equs saset

My husband’s friend is a grandfather with quite a number of grandchildren. In his 60s, he had found himself incapable of having sexual intercourse with his wife. The past four years have been miserable for both his wife and him. He went to get treatments — medical and traditional — here and there. None produced […]

kopi equs saset

Improve intimacy in marriage, spice up relationship, cure impotency and early ejaculation in men, increase stamina and concentration, prevent prostate cancer, clean blood vessels, increase body heat, and many more, IDR 45,000 / box of 3 sachets   More details: Ingredients, Benefits & Usage Suggestions Order & Purchase Brochure

habbats botol

Increase body immunity, promote stamina and endurance, improve memory, concentration & alertness, neutralise body toxins, anti tumor, promote lactation, and many more IDR 35,000 / bottle of 210 capsules More details: Ingredients & Benefits Order & Purchase Brochure


  Au natural toothbrush While many Muslims – though not all – are becoming more and more estranged to the tradition of miswak, owing to their claim of modernity, little do they know that, in fact, the tradition was not initiated during Prophet Muhammad’s time. In reality, the use of miswak is a prophetic tradition […]


Love in a mist Verily in Blackseed there is a cure for every disease except death. (Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him) When lab-manufactured supplements such as capsuled vitamins and minerals are widely available over the counter (OTC) in modern day’s supermarkets, convenience stores, and pharmacies, this particular ancient medicine is rarely found in such […]


Why should I lament over the rain, when it’s but a downpour of bliss from beyond creations? Why should I lament over the rain, when it only revives a dying earth from its rusty stagnation? And why should I lament over the rain, when it simply makes me rhyme in a state of contemplation? ~From […]


I must admit, I’ve been uninspired to write these days. Feeling constantly tired and sleepy is a major contributor to my posting break. Sometimes I’d just sleep on my desk or in the prayer room up to an hour, just to get rid of my tiredness. My baby’s cells are developing into layers and forming […]


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